Our Silver Bullion Products

We focus our efforts on sourcing investment grade silver bullion which offers high investment potential whilst avoiding loaded premiums and added numismatic value. This does not exclude our products from attracting some added numismatic value in future, so always handle your purchases with care and take note that products are graded as either uncirculated or circulated depending on condition.

Uncirculated: Is defined as new products that have never been used and it is in the condition it was in when received from the mint with absolutely no wear on it at all. Some bag marks sustained during manufacture are acceptable. Being in its original packaging could indicate that the products are in uncirculated condition.

Circulated: Is defined as products that have been used and it will have some additional marks other than only the bag marks sustained during manufacture and also show signs of normal wear and tear. Not being in its original packaging anymore could indicate that the products are circulated.

Silver Bullion Legal Tender Coins

These coins are minted by leading international government mints and are struck from .999 pure silver. Even though they have a face value and can be used as legal tender, they are bought and kept as a store of value or as investment rather than to be used in day to day commerce.

Please note that the displayed prices are updated with a live data feed and as such are continuously changing in line with market data fluctuations. Displayed prices do not include 15% VAT or domestic delivery cost.