How to Buy Silver Bullion from Us

Buying silver bullion from us is quick and easy. Placing an order is fully automated and is done online using current real time market data. The whole transaction is fully automated and can be completed within a couple of minutes by simply following the steps as described below. Be sure to also refer to our Terms of Business page for a more detailed description of this purchase procedure as the below is only a quick reference guide.

Place Order Generate Your Order Quote. Use our online Cost Calculator with as many different combinations and product quantities as you wish in order to generate an order that meets with your specific needs. The Cost Calculator incorporates a live data feed allowing you the opportunity to establish and compare our prices against real time market data. Please note that while using the calculator you can opt out at any time and are under no obligation to proceed with making a purchase.
Add Details. Once you have generated a quote that meets with your requirements and you wish to proceed with making the purchase, click on the “Add Details” button. You will now be requested to provide some required information in order for your quote to be processed further. The required information will include your name, your contact information and your delivery address. We have a very strict privacy policy and as such all your details will be kept confidential.
Place Order. This is when you actually lodge your quote with us and place an order through clicking on the “Place Order” button. You will only be able to place the order once you have supplied us with the required information and have accepted our Terms of Business. On successfully submitting your quote you will receive an auto response confirmation email in the form of an Online Order. This email not only confirms placement of your order but also provides you with our banking details for payment. The quoted prices will now remain locked in and will be free from any further change for an initial period of 6 hours in order for you to make payment.
Make Payment Payments. Payment for your purchase can be made through either doing an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or by making a cash deposit at the nearest Nedbank branch. Please use the Online Order number as your deposit reference number and forward proof of payment to once done. It is important to take note that should we not receive proof of payment within 6 hours, from the time the order was placed, the order will automatically be cancelled.


Take Delivery Receive Order Invoice and Delivery Details. We aim to hand all orders over to Ram Hand to Hand couriers for delivery within 5 days from the order being placed. Once your order has been handed over for delivery you will receive a Ram Waybill number and an estimated delivery date from us in a delivery confirmation email. The Waybill number will allow you to track the delivery progress of your parcel on the Ram Hand to Hand Courier website, see link below. All deliveries are fully insured and are made under the terms and conditions of Ram Hand to Hand Couriers. Please refer to for more information.


DeliveryPlease ensure that you are available to take delivery of your order at the specified delivery address on the date of delivery. Keep in mind that once you have signed for the delivery the delivery insurance is terminated and you become responsible for your investment.

How to Sell Silver Bullion to Us

When looking to buy silver bullion to meet our demand we will always seek to firstly buy from our retail clients wishing to sell silver bullion and only then look to import the balance of what is needed from our international suppliers.

Our Buy Back program is structured around the following steps and a typical Buy Back transaction will be as follows. Also refer to our Terms of Business page as this is only an overview of the Buy Back procedure serving as a quick reference guide.

Receive Offer Contact us. Email us at and provide us with the following information. The date the silver was originally bought from us, the name on the original invoice, original invoice reference number and finally the quantities of each product you wish to sell.
Receive a Buy Back Schedule. We will send you a scheduled Buy Back date once we have verified your original transaction and you will be added onto our list of suppliers as a preferred supplier. The date for the Buy Back will be scheduled to coincide with our next planned purchase to replace or add stock and we will always look to give you a Buy Back date as close as possible to the date you contacted us.
Receive Buy Back Offer. As near to the above Buy Back date as possible, hopefully sooner, we will make you an offer to buy back the silver bullion you wish to sell based on the current purchase price as it is displayed on our website. If you choose to accept the offer the price will be locked in and remain fixed until the transaction is completed. Please note that once we have made you an offer it will remain valid for a period of 6 hours before it is automatically cancelled.
Pack & Send Pack the Silver Bullion for Collection. If you accepted our offer you will be required to prepare the silver bullion to be couriered to us by properly packing and then packaging it. We will make all the arrangements to have the silver collected from you within 48 hours. The cost of couriering the silver to us will be for your account and the cost will be deducted from the purchase amount. For more information on courier costs please refer to the Delivery Information page.

Receive Payment. Once we have received the silver bullion and after we have had it certified we will make payment to you without further delay. Payment will be made through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) directly into your account. We aim to make payment within 5 working days from receiving the silver bullion.